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Albert Breeden is Just one of the Many Amazing Talented Young Men Attending Detroit Public Schools

January 24, 2015

Albert and me

Being a teacher, we find ourselves privileged to educate great minds with pure souls. No matter what age, they come to us instilled with unique and divine spirits making our job as educators a pure delight. This year, I have the honor of teaching one of those notorious beings.

This past year of 2013, one of our community school churches hosted an annual essay contest. Based upon the importance of giving, I encouraged my entire class to enter. To my surprise, my current sixth grade student, Albert Breeden a child who has attended our school since kindergarten, was nominated the victor.

This studious young man who brings joy to our entire academic facility won not only for himself; he won holiday gifts for everyone in my entire classroom present this school day. Attending the church this particular morning to support him, I stood proudly as they called his name. Passing the other attendees present in the aisle of the pew, tears of joy fell down my face as I watched this young man receive acknowledgment from the church’s pastor for his outstanding achievement.

In just a few months, our journey as student and teacher will come to an end. This young man will indeed as a seventh grade student carry on his legacy as a young man from Detroit that all of his teachers will take a pride in knowing and educating.