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My Wonderful Sixth Grade Students of Class 2012-2013

September 27, 2012

ImageGreetings everyone.  Finally, I’ve had the time to sit back for a second and blog about the beginning of my school year.  I’ve been so busy this entire month.  Infact, I cant’ believe that September of 2012  is practically over with.  Although there have been some major adjustments to be made as an educator this year work load wise, I must admit, I love my home room class.  They make my day every morning with their pleasant smiles.  They give me the energy I need to deliver the best instruction I possibly can daily.  I’m excited, and looking forward to  both seeing and measuring the academic growth that takes place amongst them.  Thus so far, they have already shown me that they are willing to give their best.  With a group of youngsters so enthused and willing to learn, who could not take pleasure in being their teacher for the 2012-13 school year.