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The Future Teachers are the Future

November 9, 2014

Future Teachers

Celebrating the fact that this past October made nineteen years for me in the educational arena, I sat back and reflected upon the good and bad of being in this profession. With excitement and sincere enthusiasm, I can honestly say that I still get a kick out of what I do for a living.

Meeting Dr. Vivian Johnson several weeks ago at a Detroit Public School Professional Development forum, she gave me the opportunity to come in and listen to some of the “creative writing” and poetry written by her students attending Mary Grove College pursuing degrees within the field of education.
Lasting for only two hours, it seemed as though our time together went by entirely too fast. As each one of these males and females brave enough to enter into this field deemed by society in my opinion as the “bottom of the totem pole” I said to myself, “they all have the light within to make it in this field. These few students at Mary Grove College have are going to change the lives of many children.”

After the last student presentation was completed, I had the opportunity to discuss the following; my writing style, why I became an author, and what I loved most about my job as a teacher. After questions were posed and addressed, I was given a round of applause for being in attendance. Leaving the Liberal Arts Building yesterday at Mary Grove College, I felt confident in knowing that “Future Teachers” are truly being produced and ready for the challenge of educating children.