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Tips for teachers on maintaining successful homework turnouts.

September 29, 2013

Hello everyone.  Educators the month of September is basically over.  By this time most of us have identified the students who rarely turn in homework, or who simply refuse to turn it in at all.  Several years ago, my homework turnouts were terrible. As a result, I started to take this dilemma personal. That was until I put in place a plan of action.

1. Call home. Call home after the student misses one assignment. This allows the student to see that you mean business when it comes to submitting homework. Don’t allow the time for missing assignments to accumulate. Most parents appreciate the effort made on the teachers end.

2. Give homework simply as a measure of your students daily understanding. Teachers try not to give homework as busy work. Remember, it should serve as reinforcement for what was taught in the class. Giving multiple assignments just to keep a student busy results to poor submission turn outs. Provide what’s simply needed to observe growth.

3. Motivate your students. I know most say that positive reinforcement does not prepare students for a real world mindset however, I’m an advocate. Provide affordable items from the dollar store such as smiley stickers or pencils from time to time. Positive reinforcement works for older students as well.

4. Get creative. Currently I have what’s called a “Homework Champions List” posted outside the top of my classroom door. Yes…the list serves a dual purpose. It allows youngsters the privilege of self bragging rights. While on the other hand, students currently not on my list are making strides to get their names on it.

Tips for educators on Maintaining Stress Levels the Beginning of the School Year

September 1, 2013

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Hello everyone. Today’s blog is for a very special group on individuals. Yes everyone, I’m referring to the educators. Nationally most teachers are back to work. Educators residing in the south have been instructing students for now almost an entire month. Here in Michigan, teachers are preparing to receive their youngsters after the Labor Day weekend. The work load in the beginning of the school year for an educator can be overwhelming. Employed within this profession myself, I’ve listed some tips on how to start the school year off with less stress.

1. Start getting your class-room together early. Nowadays, the time frame provided for teachers to both prepare and have their rooms together the first day of school has been cut drastically. If the custodial staff employed at your school’s location works during the summer, request permission to get in your class-rooms at-least one week earlier prior to the school year starting. Starting early allows ample time for teachers to clean, decorate boards, and organize.

2. Plan your lessons in advance. Planning your lessons with the intent in mind to stay ahead greatly assist with maintaining stress. In addition it helps the teacher to better analyze the educational goals they desire to reach within a prompt and professional manner.

3. Implement class-room management on day one. What I know about students in regards to learning is that guidelines, and structure are a “must” within the learning environment. It’s very important that teachers lay out mandated expectations the very first day of school and remain consistent throughout the school year. Remember, how one starts the year is usually the way one ends the year.

4. Submit professional paperwork on time for school transfers. If you intend on transferring or teaching at a different location the start of the school year, submit the required paper work with your employed district board of education thirty days in advance. Trust me when I say there’s nothing like not knowing what facility you will be teaching at the first day of school. If feasible, communicate with your current school administrator to ensure that you have been cleared to instruct at another location.

I hope what I’ve provided helps. I wish everyone a safe holiday weekend and all educators a stress free school year.