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The Importance of Reading to Tweens.

November 14, 2011

Greetings, everyone.  It’s your favorite tweens and teens author wishing everyone a great weekend.  Who say’s that story time is just for kids under 10?  Just this past Friday I made a discovery.  Kids over the age of 10 still love story time.  

Our school principal invited all the fifth and sixth grade students to hear him read a modern-day version of  Little Red Riding Hood.  He was very animated and the students ranging from ages  11 through 12 absolutely ate it up.  By the time he was done, the fifth and sixth graders wanted him to read another book aloud.  Parents, just give it a try.  Read a story to your 11 and 12 year old youngsters.  I’m willing to bet they will enjoy it.

Stand Up…Stand Out! A play based upon bullying wrote by Kirsten Byrd.

November 1, 2011

Hello everyone.  It’s your favorite tweens and teens author Adra Young.  Can you believe that the month of November is just one day away.  Having a background in acting, I’ve been preparing myself  to play the role of Principal Wilson, one of the several characters in Kirsten Byrd’s play titled, “Stand Up…Stand Out.  This amazing  production is based upon students voicing their personal view points on the issue of  bullying.  The debut of Stand Up…Stand Out took place this past Saturday at the Charles H Wright Museum in Detroit Michigan.

Students from various school settings within the state of Michigan attended.  The youngsters in attendance were provided the option to eat lunch and watch the play at the same time.  Ms Byrd allowed the audience to ask the cast members questions directly after the show.  Byrd’s goal for 2012 is to make the play available at Wayne State University for interested schools within the south-east region of  Michigan.