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The Village is Coming Together in Detroit

December 15, 2014

The Village

Wild! The year of 2014 has just about come to an end. As I reflect upon everything I learned this year, I must admit, the majority of my development personally came from outside resources not having a lot to do with the work I conduct within my classroom.
This forum in particular took place last Tuesday, is just one of the many I’m referring to. I along with other citizens residing from Detroit, were selected by Friends Schools in Detroit, a prominent organization supporting schools within the region, to serve as panel members.

Serving as experts on a topic impacting our country heavily, for approximately sixty minutes, we addressed the questions and concerns of our audience. “A Conversation on Empathy: Eliminating Bullying was the title. What made this topic on bullying even more interesting were the emphasis placed upon practices of the “Quaker Approach.”

Although the audience only consisted of eight to ten individuals, the questions presented for us to answer as panel members were, serious, relevant, and needed greatly to be addressed. Evolving from various backgrounds and from all walks of life, the panel presented solid and sound advice to the listening audience. Out of all the various answers and strategies that were presented that night, the one thing in common this panel placed emphasis on was simply to provide and give more love. The big lesson I received from serving on this panel is that humans have so much more in common than we actually think.