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Never give up!

February 29, 2012

Hello everyone. Just  like the season of  fall, the winter months seem to pass us all by at a very rapid and drastic pace.  Residing in Michigan, I’d prefer all the winter months pass by quickly as possible.    As most of you all know, I wrote my first book, The Everyday Living of Children and Teens Monologues Volume I in 2005.   Brainstorming on how to get my book sales up, someone recommended that I create a curriculum for facilitator’s and educators to utilize while implementing the book.  The curriculum, also wrote in 2005  was not used  the first two years of its existence.

Finally in 2008 several afterschool programs requested my acting/socialization skills program along with the curriculum.  In the Fall of 2009, another after school provider serving the south-eastern  region  of  Michigan requested my services and shortly decline on my entire program February of 2010.  Due to my program and curriculum not given the opportunity to display the impact it would have on the youth, this resulted to me becoming quiet discouraged.

My  products help tweens, teens, and young adults solve their social maladjustment issues appropriately.  My dilemma was  that I needed either a youth based facility company or organization who would give the program a real chance.  This did not happen until I was introduced to Calvin Colbert of the Detroit Impact Center in 2010.

To my surprise after examining my products, Mr Colbert  indicated to me that he had been searching for content like mines for years and had no luck in finding it.   For the summer of 2010 and 2011, I  was requested to come into the DIC  to provide my expertise as a socialization skills provider and implement my program.

February of 2012, the Detroit Impact Center contracted my program and services to be implemented at Detroit’s Henry Ford High School every Monday and Wednesday.  Super duper team members and film makers Lenderick Jones and Patrick Jones serve as the facilitator’s for the program.  So everyone please never give up on whatever it is you’re trying to accomplished.  It may take some time to get it exposed but if it happened for me it can definitely happen for you.