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School Suspension…When Enough is Enough

March 2, 2014

Hello Educators, parents and students.   I hope everyone is having a terrific Sunday.  The month of March is finally upon us.  I just wish that the weather complimented this third month of the New Year.  Today I want to talk about throwing the towel in as it relates to suspending a child.   I per say have never been a fan of it.  Suspending a student in my opinion unfortunately means this youngster will miss out on the learning process.   Missing out on the learning process can lead to decline of that youngster’s academic growth.

I regrettably inform everyone that I had to put this action recently into place.   Did I feel good about it?  Absolutely not.  My honest and sincere desire is to see all of my students come to class daily to receive what they need.   In order to do that, class room management is a must.  One irate child should not be able to interfere with the growth and academic progress of other students.  This being the case several weeks ago, I simply had to refer this student to administration.

Pushed to my limit, I did however implement the suggested steps listed below to prevent this situation from occurring.

Forewarn the student.  Talk to the student directly about what’s acceptable and what’s not.  As a consequence take ten minutes of either their recess or lunch time for a first time offense.

Always inform the parents of the situation. Send a letter home.  I am definitely an advocate for calling home.  State to the parent the inappropriate behaviors taking place in the classroom.  Yes…sometimes we have to call home more than once however, that’s okay.

Assign an in-house school consequence.  Have that student wipe down tables in the cafeteria.  Perhaps he or she can sweep the hallways.  Strongly pinpoint to the student that the continued behavior is going lead to sometime at home.

Recommend the student for suspension.  This in my opinion should be the last result however sometimes, it has to be done. Submit the paper work to the office so that the administrators can determine how many days this student needs off.  Again, I am not a big fan of having kids put out of school however, when you’ve done your best as an educator, sometimes a kid simply needs a little time off.