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Mr Hillie…One Awesome Art Teacher Serving Detroit Public Schools!

October 18, 2012

Image Greetings and Happy Hump Day to you  all!  To  all my fellow educators residing in Michigan, If you’re anything like me, you’re ecstatic that  the 2012 MEAP testing window is just about over with!   Every afternoon, I teach a very energetic group of male sixth graders.  On Wednesdays, they attend Art.  Picking them up today, I notice pure creativity at it’s best.  My students were making the most beautiful creations out of old newspapers, glue, and water.  Out of everything I observed, nothing amazed me more than the paper mask my boys created under the direction of “The Great Mr Hillie.”  Seeing creations such as the two above in the picture is just one of the many reasons why schools should retain “The Arts” in every school and every district.  Whether it’s dance, drama, art, or band, our kids need these classes just as much as they need reading, math, and science. Kudos to you Mr Hillie.   You are one astounding Art Teacher and I am honored to say that I know you.

The 2012 Bully Camp Hosted by Detroit Public Schools

October 8, 2012

Greetings everyone.  Wild, the season of Fall is absolutely beautiful.  The various assortments of red, orange, and yellow leaves on the maple and oak trees here in Michigan are truly a site to behold.

Two weekends ago, I had the honor of attending a Bully Camp Hosted by Detroit Public Schools.  I along with four of my male sixth grade students got on the “Big Cheese” and headed on up to Camp Burt Shurly.  Along with various students from all over the city of Detroit, my students got an opportunity to attend seminars on bully prevention, and participate in fun activities such as boat riding and nature trail touring.  On our way back home that Sunday afternoon, I thought to myself, what an awesome way for my youngsters to start their school year off.  Did I fail to mention that the S’mores were pretty dog on good as well.