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The 2012 Reading & Rhythm Series in Detroit!

August 26, 2012

Greetings everyone on this spectacular Saturday night.  As I sit here in the middle of the floor watching VH1, I’m thinking to myself,  “wild I had one great summer.”  Yeah…I had to do somethings for re-certification purposes.  As a matter of fact, I have a paper that’s due by the fourth of September.  I know I sound repetitive when I say this but the work of and educator is never done.

I got a chance to go see family members living out-of-town and the opportunity to visit Punta Cana.  Visiting family members and going out of the country were two of my highlights for the summer of 2012.  My literary highlight for the summer  was having the opportunity to serve as a local author for the 2012 Reading and Rhythm Series in Detroit.

In front of approximately  60 kids  from all over the South East Region of Michigan, I read Green Eggs and Ham, my favorite children’s book of all times.  Reading the story aloud along with the kiddies repeating “Sam I Am”  together, we all had a blast in the name of literacy.

It’s so Hard to say Goodbye. The 2012 Socialization Skills Program Comes to an end.

August 15, 2012

Hello everyone.  Let me apologize for not posting the status of what took place the fifth week at the Impact Center.  While typing it up to share with everyone on this blog, something happen with this word press and my entire write-up disappeared.  Oh…how teriible it made me feel.  Needless to say, last week’s session was great.    We address and identified  both the signs and characteristics of a misfit.  Due to the fact that I considered myself to be an outcast as a youngster, this topic hit home with me personally.  Turns out that more than 60% of the group classified themselves as individuals who don’t quite fit in with other students at school.

This morning the tone at the Detroit Impact Center was bitter-sweet. The good news is that this program which is so needed for the youth throughout the city has officially completed three consecutive years in a row.  To celebrate the sucess of it all, Rodnesha Ross owner of “Simply Rodnesha”, a former student of mines from over 16 years ago joined us this morning to conduct an interview.  ” The sad thing is that the 2012 program came to an end this morning.

Each student was asked if they benefited from this program and would they recommend it to other youngsters or young adults  in the city.  Most of the students said this six-week session positively impacted their lives.  One of the students stated they were knowledgeable about the information presented  however, it helped them tremendously with improving their listening skills.

A female participant stated that this program made them realize that everyone does not think or respond to everything the same way.  In my opinion one of the  young adult males stated the most valid point of all  the six sessions held this summer. His words were the following, “we all have problems.”  Instantly my face lit up from his response because he was so correct.  No human on earth will ever be able to by-pass life’s trials and tribulations no matter what.  The question at-hand is how do we conduct and handle ourselves during the process?  Discovering the appropriate and correct way to handle ourselves is truly what this program is about. We closed out the session with the “Unity Circle” pledge and a big round of applause.

I  truly enjoyed the group from 2012 and I look forward to the summer of 2013.  Everyone be on the lookout for the testimonial video which will be posted very soon.

The 2012 Sixth Grade School Supply List is up and Ready!

August 9, 2012

Happy Hump Day to everyone.   I had a great time with my youth today at the Detroit Impact Center.  Finishing up with our session this afternoon, I realized  that  next Wednesday is the last socialization skills session for the summer of 2012.  Wild… the summer sure does moves fast. 

Speaking of moving fast, while purchasing a few items at the local Office Max the other day, I noticed that school supplies are out and ready to purchased by parents preparing their youngsters to head back to school.  Office Max unlike any other store I had purchased items for had ready-made school supply list for each grade.  Due to the fact that I currently teach sixth grade, I picked up a copy of the list so that I could share it with everyone.

According to Office Max, students entering the sixth grade this fall should have the following supplies for the 2012-13 school year:  (12) Pencils  (2) Glue Sticks  (1)  White Glue  (1) Pink Eraser  (1)White Eraser  (1)Pks. Washable Felt Markers  (1) Pair of Scissors  (1) Pencil Case  (10) Pocket Folders  (2) Pkg. Lined Paper  (1) Pkg Plain Paper  (4) Lined Note Books  (5) Blue Pens  (2) Red Pens   (1) Ruler  (1) Pkg. Pencil Crayons  (2) 1″ Binders  (8) Subject Dividers  (1) Scientific Calculator  (1) Geometry Set  (1) Pocket Dictionary  (1) Pencil Sharpener (3) Highlighter Pens

There were two e-books that were not on this list however they in my opinion would make great back to school items just as well.  For just the price of $1.00 per read, click on the two links below and purchase both of these reads for your youngsters tonight.

The Detroit Youth Speak on the Importance of Being Happy

August 8, 2012

Greetings to everyone this lovely Tuesday night.  It’s only the second day of the week  and I feel as if I’ve worked five.  This past weekend I went to Indiana.   Assuming the role as one of the selected brides maids, I had  the honor of  seeing  my brother re-new his marriage vows to his beautiful wife of over 14 years.   The ceremony was amazing.

On the other hand, I am in the process of writing a five to seven page unit in the content area of Science for re-certification purposes.   Folks I tell you I haven’t been academically challenged like this in years.  After-all, I’m a ELA instructor for peace sakes! 

Last week at the Detroit Impact Center, our topic of discussion was “Happiness.”  I knew there was something wonderful about this 2012 group.  They seem to the know the  secret to happiness already at such mild and tender ages.  After posing the question, I assumed a lot their responses would be following; shopping, nice cars, and  lot’s of  money.  Well…a few of them did mention money but, not as many as I thought.

The majority of the group stated that spending time with their families make them very happy.  Another stated that spending time with their darling baby girl makes them happier than anything on this entire planet.  One mentioned that reading a good book was the best. On an even funnier note,  a lot of my young people like me, love to eat.  Just about everyone said that eating a good meal makes them happy.   I was even more impressed with the fact that someone stated spending time with like-minded individuals makes their day just a little more brighter.  

As I mentioned earlier…this group already knows the secret to having a life filled with very happy and joyous days.  They’re smart enough to see that the simple things in life such as spending time with family, eating, and growing, is truly what being happy is all about.  Tomorrow our weekly topic of discussion is “The challenges of  Being  an Out-Cast in School.  Looking forward to sharing the results with everyone next week.

How are Poor People Suppose to Make it?

August 2, 2012


Okay everyone I just so happen to be in one of the Macomb Michigan Library branches the other day printing off some information on the Internet.  On my way  to placing money in the machine to retrieve my copies, I noticed a sign that totally blew me away!  Turns out effective September 6th 2012, individuals residing in this county will have to pay $1.95 per day to utilize the Internet service or, pay a yearly fee of $50.00.

Now let’s think about this people.  The majority of the people that use the public library Internet system can not afford Internet access at home.  I’m okay with charging for Internet copies however, charging people barely making it in this tough economy to utilize the Internet is what I have a problem with. This in my opinion people is so unfair. 



Addressing the Weekly Topic “Disappointments in Life” the Detroit Youth Speak Out!

August 1, 2012


An elder once told me that trust must be gained in order for youngsters to truly open up.  This individual was exactly right.  Last Wednesday at the Detroit Impact center, the group and I tackled the one topic that no one in life will ever be able to avoid.  The “Big D” people.  Unfortunately, disappointments in life will hit us all at one time or another.  

Last weeks session in particular took many turns.  The  first  issue  addressed was coping with a  girl or boyfriend who no longer wanted to be in a relationship.  Next, we discussed the difficult task of removing the wrong kind of  friends and love ones  from your personal space. 

At first the energy of this session was somewhat hilarious.  Both young males and females provided several  funny suggestions on how  to deal with getting dumped.  The funniest response of them all was made  by one of the young ladies  in the group.  Her response was the following, “If a guy dumps you on a Friday, make sure you have a new one to walk down the school hall with by Monday.”  

Some of the responses in regards to removing the wrong individuals out of your personal space were more on the serious side.  For example, choosing to stop seeing a young lady because they drank alcohol or smoked marijuana.  Perhaps dealing with your boyfriend getting another young lady pregnant while he’s dating you.  All of the young ladies stated that they would leave a young man alone for making such a poor choice.  Most of the  males stated that they would not respect a young lady that drinks and smokes and would definitely stop seeing her despite of her beauty. 

The bottom line and the one thing  we all agreed to was that making the choice to move the wrong kind of people out of our spaces is not always the easiest thing to do however it pays off in the long run.