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It’s Because of the Kids I Write

April 29, 2017

McCollough School in GaryThis past Tuesday I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker to the young ladies attending Frankie McCullough in Gary Indiana. A k-8 school located on the city’s west side,  I was afforded the opportunity to talk with grades 5-8 about literacy, publishing,  and self-worth thanks to the Gary Literacy Coalition.  After reading passages from my books, the floor was opened up for questions.

The young ladies asked various questions from when was my first book released to how long does it take to write a book.  As I walked through the center of the aisle, a young lady raised her hand and asked, “Why do you write?”  Multiple inquiry’s  were made by the students however, this one in particular made me resurface and reflect on my reasoning for writing.  Responding to her, a smile immediately appeared on my face while stating the following, ” I write for you darling.  I place words in books because of the children I’ve come into contact with.  You are my pure reason for writing. Without you all writing for me has no pizzazz.  I tell your stories because I take pride in it.”  To my surprise, the young ladies all gave a round of applause.

At the end of the program, a lot of hugs were given and plenty of pictures were taken.  A very special thanks to  young ladies attending McCullough.  You made me remember what made me write my very first book close to twelve years ago in the first place.