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Loving and Enjoying the Summer

July 8, 2011

Hello good people!   I hope that everyone’s summer is going fantastic.  I know you all were probably wondering  where is your favorite educator, tween, and teen author?  As you all know my Summer vacation started June 18th.  Although  I have been off for several weeks, I have been one busy bee.  

From placing the finishing touches on my third book, to attending business conferences,  I have been a serious mission to build and expand my brand.     Last year I had the opportunity to serve as the  Socialization Skills provider for the Detroit Impact Center  located  in Detroit, Michigan.  It gives me pleasure to announce that I will assume this position once again effective July 13th. 2011.   Just as I did last year,  I will post a weekly blog  on the weekly sessions that take place with the youngsters.  I  had the opportunity to meet some of them today .  We are all looking forward to next Wednesday.  Last year the students enjoyed the program. I can only hope that the students I serve this summer will complete the Socialization Skills program feeling the same way.