Dr. Maya Angelou Motivates Educators of Detroit Public Schools This Morning.

August 22, 2013


Hello everyone. It’s your favorite tweens and teens author wishing everyone a happy Friday Eve. Every year prior to heading back to the classroom, Detroit Public Schools offers professional development for it’s teachers. This morning hundreds of educators gathered at the Detroit Renaissance center for a real treat. Motivational speakers have come far and wide to speak with us yet, none could ever in my opinion compare to the honorable Doctor Maya Angelou.

Her pitch was so smooth that it could calm a sea. Her words and the delivery of her speech were both eloquent and informative. She captivated us so that you could not hear a single peep from the audience. Because of her presence as well as her presentation, I will never forget this day. Yes people, history was made this morning in Detroit.


Tips on Establishing Communication Bonds Between Parents and Teens

August 16, 2013

Image Hello everyone. As we all know it’s very easy  for communication to either stop or totally dissolve with teens and tweens. The fault or reason for this occurrence  falls upon no one. It can easily happen to any parent.  The “tween” and “teen”  stage can be difficult and challenging for both parents and youngsters. Below are a list of things to either get the court on the ball rolling or, get it back to where it use to be.

1. Ask about their day. Ask your youngster on the daily basis how their day has gone. This gives both the teen or tween the opportunity to express themselves.

2. Show affection. All teens and tweens are not affectionate however, everyone needs a hug from time to time.

3. Learn to read body language. Parents, I can not address how imperative it is to pay attention to the disposition of your youngster. Their responses to your questions during the time you converse could be good yet, their body language may possibly indicate just the opposite. Closely observe them to make sure that their body language and responses are in sync.

4. Do memorable things together. Ride bikes, and go feed the ducks together. In the long run, these are the kinds of experiences that will be remembered by your child.

The Signs or Indicators of a Bullied Youngster

August 9, 2013


Hello everyone.  It’s your favorite tween/teen author and educator here today to share with you some pointers on identifying  a  youngster being bullied.  Parents back to school time is just around the corner and here are some definite signs to look for.

  1. Pretending to be ill.  Yes youngsters will try to run this one on us from time to time however, kids who are being bullied fake ill to avoid going to school to keep from being harassed by their in-school predators.
  2. A change in attitude. If your youngster is normally a happy-go-lucky individual who’s made a drastic switched to being a mean kid no one wants to be around or bothered with, this is also a another sign. The reason behind your youngsters attitude change most likely has to do with the fact that they are being bullied and they have no idea of how to address it with you.
  3. Signs of withdrawal. Your child who use to want to be around everyone who loved being involved in extra curricular activities has totally shut down and now lacks the desire to do anything.  This is the result of a youngster ashamed of the fact that they have become a victim of prey and sense of hopelessness has set in. I forewarn all parents who take notice of this occurring with their youngster to monitor them at a very close range. Signs of withdrawal can lead to depression.

Parents back to school time should be an exciting fun time for all kids, however, if for some reason your child starts to display any of the indicators listed above, please talk to them and present the situation to your youngsters school administrator.

The importance of reading to kids and making it fun!

August 3, 2013


August is one of my favorite times of the year in Detroit.  Each year General Motors sponsors a spectacular event called the Reading on the Riverfront Series. Local authors from the area get a opportunity to read their childhood favorites to the kids in attendance. Having had the opportunity to participate in this event for three consecutive years in a row, I always read my all time favorite Green Eggs and Ham.  I love getting the kids excited and involved. It’s fun to have the kids echoing back, “I do not eat green eggs and ham.   I do not like them Sam-I-Am.”  Allowing kids to echo back parts of a story makes it both fun and, at the same time exercises long-term memory skills. Parents I recommend you try doing it sometimes. It’s fun and a learning activity all in one.

The Visual Learner.

July 26, 2013

This particular day at school, levels of frustration started to set in.  My students were not retaining what adjectives were.  I tried everything I could possibly for them to get it.  My tactics were unsuccessful.  A sense of hopelessness was starting to kick in.  All of a sudden, a light bulb went off in my head. I told everyone to line up to get ready to go outside.  I placed them in groups of four, and explain to them that we were going to play a grammar game. The object of the game was to identify as many items possible within a 10 minute time frame. Together as teams they would provide descriptions of the items they listed on paper and report back to me. My students followed directions, and grasped the concept,  I was relieved to discover that kids often need to see images in order to actually comprehend what’s being asked of them.  Now that I think about it, I was a visual hands-on learner myself. Who would’ve thought that something as simple as taking my student’s outside would help me achieve my learning goal. 


The Sixth Grade Dance.

July 23, 2013

Teaching sixth grade for the last six years, I really look forward to supervising the sixth grade dance with other dedicated teachers and staff.  Usually I walk around making sure that appropriate dancing is taking place.  Sometimes I even dance with my students during the times the DJ plays hussell or line dance songs.  This year, the kiddies made me proud.  No inappropriate dancing took place and they looked absolutely adorable slow dancing together.  Image

Kids learn best when they work together.

July 21, 2013

There was a time in my teaching career that I felt that students learned best in a quite setting.  Times have changed and studies show that students placed in groups together to complete a class room activity  actually learn more.  Grouping students together allows both the opportunity for students to feed off of one another’s thoughts while at the same time improve social and communication skills.  I am looking forward to implementing this method a lot more this fall in my class room.  It does work.  That is with appropriate supervision and planning.Image

The end of the school year promotion ceremony.

July 17, 2013

The end of the school year promotion ceremony.

My Students Really Missed me.

June 18, 2013

get-attachment (2)

Hello everyone. It’s your favorite tweens/teens author and educator wishing everyone a safe and beautiful summer. As many of you were already aware, I was out on medical due to having a procedure. Out of my class room for ten weeks, I returned back to work June 5th only to find this beautiful message on my chalk board. I guess me being out for so long took a toll on my sixth graders. It is truly great to be back.

Tell me your honest opinion…The Misfits e-book coming the summer of 2013

May 24, 2013

TheMisfitsCover150  E Book Cover 2013

Hello everyone. Summer is on the way and I have some good news to share. Despite of the delayed release of my third book, I am proud to say that it will be available for purchase on smash words the month of June. I am so excited about the release that I am finally displaying the cover for everyone to view. Please write me back when the time allows and let what you think about it.