Education for the Body Mind Spirit and Soul….The Oprah’s Life You Want Weekend in Michigan!

As an educator serving Detroit’s youth for 19 years, I’ve attended numerous amounts of workshops and seminars to prefect my craft. From curriculum building, to class room management, I’ve attended them all solely on the basis to help me achieve the desired results with my students. I’ve even went as far as self publishing two books and one e-book based upon today’s youth. I guess you can say that working with kids is my cup of tea.
The education that I received in order to become a teacher was beneficial. However, it could never compare to the education I received at the 2014 “Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend.”

Upon arrival to the Palace of Auburns Hills in Michigan, I could feel the positive energy from every individual in the building. Men and women stood up swaying from left to right listening and singing the words of “Kool and the Gang’s Celebrate.” Iyanla Vanzant energetically walked around the perimeter of every seating section to get the crowd ready for Oprah’s appearance.

When Winfrey entered the stage, the immediate sounds of piercing screams began! Finally, after everyone had settled down, she started her magnificent weekend event off by saying, “thank you for being here tonight. You could’ve taken your money and spend it on anything else but you choose to be here with me despite of the fact that I am not singer.” Proceeding directly after her joke, “Lady O” touched upon some very serious subject matters that in the words of Iyanla Vanzant would require us to all to put our big girl panties on.

Addressing the importance of energy and the power behind our words. Everyone was provided a “techno bracelet” that lit up every-time emphasis were placed upon the words she and her special guest wanted us to think deeply about. There were moments that touched everyone so deeply that thousands of people laughed, cried, and screamed together in unison.

World renowned authors and speakers such as Mark Nepo, Elizabeth Gilbert, Rob Bell, and Iyanla Vanzant brought the house down literally and spiritually. What stood out with me the most this one special weekend of September 2014 was the simple sentence provided inside of the “Oprah’s the Life you Want Weekend” booklets. Written by Oprah herself the sentence stated the following, “Pay attention to the whispers. Thanks to this weekend, I will do exactly that and then some. I am so glad that I got an opportunity to participate in this life changing experience. I will treasure this one moment in time for the rest of my life. In just this one empowering weekend, I learned so much more than any school text book could’ve ever taught me.

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