Gail Perry Mason Provides a Vital Piece of Education to Detroit’s Youth

Gail and I 2014

Education is the most important accomplishment that any youngster will accomplish in their lifetime. Traditionally, reading, arithmetic, and social studies are what’s normally instructed in today’s class. Aware of this known fact, Financial Guru and Detroit Native Gail Perry Mason, decided to add the missing piece to the educational puzzle.

Nineteen years ago, she created the “Money Matters for Youth” camp series for Detroit’s youngsters. Annually, eager kids ranging from elementary through high school range receive a full week of Financial Literacy. Through various seminars, field based related trips, and hands on activities, Mason makes it her mission to ensure that the Detroit Youth receive a bountiful amount of knowledge as it relates to the value of a dollar.

Aware of the fact that the average cost of college is roughly around twenty-thousand dollars a year, school aged children who attend this annual camp get a jump start on preparation for college funding, and strategies on how to make their dollars work correctly for them. Parents residing within the south-east region of Michigan, if you missed the opportunity to get your children enrolled this year, I encourage you to get your kids involved in the “Money Matters for Youth” camp series in 2015.

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