When the Student Becomes the Teacher

Teen Author Nkiyasi Helm

Hello everyone. Can you believe that the month of April is just about over? My only regret is that the temperatures in Michigan don’t seem to be cooperating with the actual season. Spring break for most educators is about to come to a close within this region. Although vacation time is just about over, I must admit that I the educator was enlighten by one magnificent young lady and student over the break.

Currently serving as a host for the Cooks & Books Show on Urban Nation Radio located in Detroit, I had the privilege of interviewing Nkiyasi Helm. At just the tender age of thirteen, this young lady has written ten books, illustrates her own book covers, and has formulated her own publishing company. Conversing with this young lady for approximately a solid twenty five minutes, Nkiyasi addressed every question in a sound and very professional manner. What I love about the spirit of this young lady is that she is wise beyond her years. As she explained her lifelong goals and mission as both an author and teenager writing for the cause of our youth today, I instantly reversed roles and became her student.

Every book written by Nkiyasi Helm sends a world-wide message of love as well as provides a teachable life lesson. Be on the lookout for my review of her book titled, “Bully A Bully With Love” on http://www.bookreviewsbyadra.blogspot.com To find out more about this dynamic young lady, log on to http://www.writenbykids.com

2 Responses to “When the Student Becomes the Teacher”

  1. Tammy N Marshall (@TammyNMarshall) Says:

    That is incredible. I know that its important not to underestimate the youth but in addition to that giving them life lessons that you’d give to an adults allows them soar. Great work teacher, you are truly an inspiration.

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