How to Address the Student Withdrawing From Attention/ Hyperactivity Issues Within the Learning Environment



Nationally, today’s classroom setting consist of a population of children who lack the concentration to focus due to Attention Deficit Issues.   Usually controlled by medications prescribed by physicians; the dilemma worsens within the learning environment when the student displays signs of withdrawal due to not taking the appropriated medication.  Any teacher who’s experienced this knows how draining this situation can be for both student and instructor.   Below are some suggestions on how to deal or cope with the matter.

1. Ask the student.  In private manner or fashion, ask the student did they forget or suddenly stop taking their prescribed medication.  Remember, kids are honest and mostly likely will tell the truth. The conversation should take place in private to ensure that the student is not embarrassed by other class mates.

2. Schedule a mandated meeting with parents.  Don’t allow the uncontrollable actions of a child with these issues to intervene with the learning process of other students.  Contact those parents as soon as possible. Inform them of how important it is for their child to have what they need daily to make it through the school day. Explain the “big picture” to the parent or guardian of the child.    Sometimes, it’s just the case of the parent moving too fast and simply forgetting.  Usually when forgotten, parents make a serious effort to get back up to the school to give their child their prescribed medications that very day.

3. Send the child to the office.  As educators, there is only so much were allowed to do. If the situation occurs frequently, the student should be sent to the office.   If the child cannot maintain nor condone themselves due to not having what they need, send them to the office until the matter is handled and addressed.  If for some reason the student has run out of their required supply, find out from the parent when the next prescription will be filled and always remember to document.


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