Getting Youngsters to Increase Their Literacy Rates for the New Year

Adra before 13 Xmas break

Reading is fundamental. With statistics indicating that the average American student is two years behind or more in reading, it’s important to immediately work on increasing that deficit when the problem is identified. The inability to not read on accurate or appropriate levels usually result to students doing the following; He or she is unable to keep up with class room peers, They are unable to pass any college or military entrance exam, A decision is made to drop out of school due to levels of frustration setting in. Listed below are helpful suggestions on helping youngsters improve their reading capabilities.

1. Ask your child’s teacher their current level of reading. Parents don’t be afraid to inquire about your child’s literacy rate. I recommend that you ask in the beginning, middle, and end of the school year. Ask the teacher to share your child’s personal literacy data with you. This way you can measure your child’s level to see if growth is taking place.

2. Take the time to read with your child daily. I cannot emphasize this more. Listening to your child read daily is great. It allows you the parent some sense of empowerment knowing that your child can read. In addition, it allows the parent to identify if challenges exist with word recognition or decoding.

3. Tell your child’s teacher in the beginning of the year if you sense a problem with your child’s reading ability or level. Parent’s in this case, there is nothing to be ashamed about. If you are aware of the fact that your child is reading below level, inform your child’s teacher immediately. The sooner the problem is identified, the better. Perhaps your child may need educational assessment for additional assistance. The sooner the problem is established the quicker you and your child’s educator can as a team problem-solve for the best solutions.

4. Buy or borrow books from the library. In today’s society, so many of us reside in a house where books are nonexistent. We must get away from that! The only way reading will increase for youngsters are for books to be at their disposal at all times. Computers and video games are usually at their exposure. Purchase books from dollar stores. Borrow them from your local library. Attend library sales.

5. Parents tell your child’s teacher if you have a problem with reading. I know this takes a lot of courage to do. No one proudly wants’ to acknowledge if they are illiterate. The good news now is that most schools across the nation offer free GED programs for parents who want to increase their reading levels. This is a major plus for parents who want to take that step in their lives in order to assist their youngsters at home. For those parents not feeling comfortable enough to reveal this information to your child’s instructor, I recommend checking local libraries for literacy classes. Let’s all make it a 2014 New Year’s resolution to increase the literacy rates of youngsters.


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