Bullying…finding the courage to speak out!

Student Crying

In life, things are always easier said than done. Just this week in class, a student was being bullied right up under my nose. I had no idea it was even taking place. I had just provided directions for a social studies assignment. The class was quiet and everyone was working. Suddenly, my “teacher intuition” kicked in. As I looked upon the face of one of my students, there was something about his facial expression that wasn’t quiet right. I asked the young man what was wrong. He replied, “nothing Miss Young” while fearfully staring at a young man sitting directly to the opposite of him. At this point, I’m aware of what is taking place. Needing the young man to verbally admit it, in a calm manner, I state to him, “son don’t be afraid to tell me. I can help, but you have to tell me the truth.” After making several attempts to get it out of him, the young man finally admitted that he was being bullied by this young man for sometime. The predator had mastered the concept of “nonverbal” bullying. To think, I had no idea that this was going on for sometime. The predator was suspended from school and the problem was resolved. Thank goodness the young man found the inner courage to speak out.


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