Tips for teachers on maintaining successful homework turnouts.

Hello everyone.  Educators the month of September is basically over.  By this time most of us have identified the students who rarely turn in homework, or who simply refuse to turn it in at all.  Several years ago, my homework turnouts were terrible. As a result, I started to take this dilemma personal. That was until I put in place a plan of action.

1. Call home. Call home after the student misses one assignment. This allows the student to see that you mean business when it comes to submitting homework. Don’t allow the time for missing assignments to accumulate. Most parents appreciate the effort made on the teachers end.

2. Give homework simply as a measure of your students daily understanding. Teachers try not to give homework as busy work. Remember, it should serve as reinforcement for what was taught in the class. Giving multiple assignments just to keep a student busy results to poor submission turn outs. Provide what’s simply needed to observe growth.

3. Motivate your students. I know most say that positive reinforcement does not prepare students for a real world mindset however, I’m an advocate. Provide affordable items from the dollar store such as smiley stickers or pencils from time to time. Positive reinforcement works for older students as well.

4. Get creative. Currently I have what’s called a “Homework Champions List” posted outside the top of my classroom door. Yes…the list serves a dual purpose. It allows youngsters the privilege of self bragging rights. While on the other hand, students currently not on my list are making strides to get their names on it.


2 Responses to “Tips for teachers on maintaining successful homework turnouts.”

  1. Sid Silhouette Johnson Says:

    You really care about your students. Need more teachers like you.

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