Tips on Establishing Communication Bonds Between Parents and Teens

Image Hello everyone. As we all know it’s very easy  for communication to either stop or totally dissolve with teens and tweens. The fault or reason for this occurrence  falls upon no one. It can easily happen to any parent.  The “tween” and “teen”  stage can be difficult and challenging for both parents and youngsters. Below are a list of things to either get the court on the ball rolling or, get it back to where it use to be.

1. Ask about their day. Ask your youngster on the daily basis how their day has gone. This gives both the teen or tween the opportunity to express themselves.

2. Show affection. All teens and tweens are not affectionate however, everyone needs a hug from time to time.

3. Learn to read body language. Parents, I can not address how imperative it is to pay attention to the disposition of your youngster. Their responses to your questions during the time you converse could be good yet, their body language may possibly indicate just the opposite. Closely observe them to make sure that their body language and responses are in sync.

4. Do memorable things together. Ride bikes, and go feed the ducks together. In the long run, these are the kinds of experiences that will be remembered by your child.


3 Responses to “Tips on Establishing Communication Bonds Between Parents and Teens”

  1. Ty Wilson Says:

    Just in time for school. Great post!

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