Kids learn best when they work together.

There was a time in my teaching career that I felt that students learned best in a quite setting.  Times have changed and studies show that students placed in groups together to complete a class room activity  actually learn more.  Grouping students together allows both the opportunity for students to feed off of one another’s thoughts while at the same time improve social and communication skills.  I am looking forward to implementing this method a lot more this fall in my class room.  It does work.  That is with appropriate supervision and planning.Image

2 Responses to “Kids learn best when they work together.”

  1. Lori Foroozandeh Says:

    What do you think of internet learning or virtual education, do you think it will work or is it just a lazy way to teach children and they will take advantage of it, learn to cheat and pretty soon we will have a nation full of uneducated video game experts?

  2. Adra Young/Ardannyl Says:

    Technology integration in the 21st. century is a must. Internet learning is important. Today’s education is leaning more towards personal inquiry growth on the students part. When technology is being taught in the learning environment, it should be monitored by the teacher and it should tie directly to the learning goals and objectives the educator is trying to accomplish grade level wise. Just allowing students to web surf all day long without learning goals in place in my opinion is poor decision making on the teacher.

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