It has truly been a while!

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Hello everyone.  Despite of the fact that I’m two months behind,I’d like to start off by saying Happy 2013 to all.  I know everyone is wondering, how come your favorite “Tweens” author hasn’t  posted anything within the past four months?  The answer to this question…BUSY.  This youth advocate, and educator is back in school.

Teaching in the daytime and taking courses at night has taking a toll on my free time.  The great news is that I’m three-fourths of the way done with obtaining educational requirements for re-certification purposes.  Speaking of course requirements, some are definitely more exciting than others. Two months ago, I attended a “Wild Life” science seminar.  That night, every teacher in attendance was provided an intermediate crash course on both exotic and wild life animals.  We had an absolute ball.   Yes…that Is me holding a REAL alligator.

To all of my fans waiting on my third book to be released please, don’t give up on me yet.  My very first fictional  “Tweens” book is coming soon. I promise not to disappoint.


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