It’s so Hard to say Goodbye. The 2012 Socialization Skills Program Comes to an end.

Hello everyone.  Let me apologize for not posting the status of what took place the fifth week at the Impact Center.  While typing it up to share with everyone on this blog, something happen with this word press and my entire write-up disappeared.  Oh…how teriible it made me feel.  Needless to say, last week’s session was great.    We address and identified  both the signs and characteristics of a misfit.  Due to the fact that I considered myself to be an outcast as a youngster, this topic hit home with me personally.  Turns out that more than 60% of the group classified themselves as individuals who don’t quite fit in with other students at school.

This morning the tone at the Detroit Impact Center was bitter-sweet. The good news is that this program which is so needed for the youth throughout the city has officially completed three consecutive years in a row.  To celebrate the sucess of it all, Rodnesha Ross owner of “Simply Rodnesha”, a former student of mines from over 16 years ago joined us this morning to conduct an interview.  ” The sad thing is that the 2012 program came to an end this morning.

Each student was asked if they benefited from this program and would they recommend it to other youngsters or young adults  in the city.  Most of the students said this six-week session positively impacted their lives.  One of the students stated they were knowledgeable about the information presented  however, it helped them tremendously with improving their listening skills.

A female participant stated that this program made them realize that everyone does not think or respond to everything the same way.  In my opinion one of the  young adult males stated the most valid point of all  the six sessions held this summer. His words were the following, “we all have problems.”  Instantly my face lit up from his response because he was so correct.  No human on earth will ever be able to by-pass life’s trials and tribulations no matter what.  The question at-hand is how do we conduct and handle ourselves during the process?  Discovering the appropriate and correct way to handle ourselves is truly what this program is about. We closed out the session with the “Unity Circle” pledge and a big round of applause.

I  truly enjoyed the group from 2012 and I look forward to the summer of 2013.  Everyone be on the lookout for the testimonial video which will be posted very soon.



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