The 2012 Sixth Grade School Supply List is up and Ready!

Happy Hump Day to everyone.   I had a great time with my youth today at the Detroit Impact Center.  Finishing up with our session this afternoon, I realized  that  next Wednesday is the last socialization skills session for the summer of 2012.  Wild… the summer sure does moves fast. 

Speaking of moving fast, while purchasing a few items at the local Office Max the other day, I noticed that school supplies are out and ready to purchased by parents preparing their youngsters to head back to school.  Office Max unlike any other store I had purchased items for had ready-made school supply list for each grade.  Due to the fact that I currently teach sixth grade, I picked up a copy of the list so that I could share it with everyone.

According to Office Max, students entering the sixth grade this fall should have the following supplies for the 2012-13 school year:  (12) Pencils  (2) Glue Sticks  (1)  White Glue  (1) Pink Eraser  (1)White Eraser  (1)Pks. Washable Felt Markers  (1) Pair of Scissors  (1) Pencil Case  (10) Pocket Folders  (2) Pkg. Lined Paper  (1) Pkg Plain Paper  (4) Lined Note Books  (5) Blue Pens  (2) Red Pens   (1) Ruler  (1) Pkg. Pencil Crayons  (2) 1″ Binders  (8) Subject Dividers  (1) Scientific Calculator  (1) Geometry Set  (1) Pocket Dictionary  (1) Pencil Sharpener (3) Highlighter Pens

There were two e-books that were not on this list however they in my opinion would make great back to school items just as well.  For just the price of $1.00 per read, click on the two links below and purchase both of these reads for your youngsters tonight.


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8 Responses to “The 2012 Sixth Grade School Supply List is up and Ready!”

  1. Micki Peluso Says:

    Youused to be able to got to college with less than this lol.


  2. Sandy Nachlinger Says:

    Members of my husband’s Rotary Club buy school supplies and donate them to local kids every year. We always participate. Our son is grown, so it’s fun to have an excuse to buy pens and pencils and erasers and all the other goodies children need. It’s especially great that Office Max, Office Depot, and Staples have lists of exactly what kids need. That way, we don’t buy things they can’t use!

  3. Adra Says:

    Sandy…I thought it was a great idea as well.

  4. linneann Says:

    I love buying school supplies. My son is a sophomore and he had a list for each class. 🙂

  5. deirdret Says:

    I know Walmart does that down here. I am amazed though that 6th graders still use pencils, white glue, erasers, and pencil cases! I know we always had tissues on the list down here!

  6. Adra Young/Ardannyl Says:

    Deirdret, I guess some things may never change. Well atleast for now. I do have my students still currently using pencils for varios writing, grammar, and reading assessments.

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