The Detroit Youth Speak on the Importance of Being Happy

Greetings to everyone this lovely Tuesday night.  It’s only the second day of the week  and I feel as if I’ve worked five.  This past weekend I went to Indiana.   Assuming the role as one of the selected brides maids, I had  the honor of  seeing  my brother re-new his marriage vows to his beautiful wife of over 14 years.   The ceremony was amazing.

On the other hand, I am in the process of writing a five to seven page unit in the content area of Science for re-certification purposes.   Folks I tell you I haven’t been academically challenged like this in years.  After-all, I’m a ELA instructor for peace sakes! 

Last week at the Detroit Impact Center, our topic of discussion was “Happiness.”  I knew there was something wonderful about this 2012 group.  They seem to the know the  secret to happiness already at such mild and tender ages.  After posing the question, I assumed a lot their responses would be following; shopping, nice cars, and  lot’s of  money.  Well…a few of them did mention money but, not as many as I thought.

The majority of the group stated that spending time with their families make them very happy.  Another stated that spending time with their darling baby girl makes them happier than anything on this entire planet.  One mentioned that reading a good book was the best. On an even funnier note,  a lot of my young people like me, love to eat.  Just about everyone said that eating a good meal makes them happy.   I was even more impressed with the fact that someone stated spending time with like-minded individuals makes their day just a little more brighter.  

As I mentioned earlier…this group already knows the secret to having a life filled with very happy and joyous days.  They’re smart enough to see that the simple things in life such as spending time with family, eating, and growing, is truly what being happy is all about.  Tomorrow our weekly topic of discussion is “The challenges of  Being  an Out-Cast in School.  Looking forward to sharing the results with everyone next week.



6 Responses to “The Detroit Youth Speak on the Importance of Being Happy”

  1. Dr. Andy Says:

    Good for you. I commend your positive beliefs and wish you continued success. Albert Einstein once said: “We can live as though nothing is a miracle or as though everything is a miracle.” It is our choice and you have happily made your!
    Dr. Andy

  2. loiswstern Says:

    Great focus for your blog and I admire the work you are doing to inspire our leaders of tomorrow. Some of the school districts here on LI, NY are now making a minimum number of community service hours a pre-graduation requirement. Many discovered that although they resisted at first, it ultimately made them happier individuals, just to be able to give back in some way. Such a project might be worth considering as you continue your fine work.

    Much good luck moving forward.
    Lois W. Stern
    author/journalist/Creator of the Tales2Inspire
    “Authors Helping Authors” project/contest

    • Adra Young/Ardannyl Says:

      Lois…you have brought tears of joy to my eyes this afternoon. I can bet that once aspiring teachers select to mentor a group of tweens, teens, or young adults that it will an instant addiction.

  3. Sandra McLeod Humphrey Says:

    Adra, what a great group you have and what a great leader they have!

  4. Adra Says:

    Sandra, you are too kind. I’m just trying to do my part why at the sametime enjoy myself. I love working with the youth from the Detroit Impact Center.

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