How are Poor People Suppose to Make it?


Okay everyone I just so happen to be in one of the Macomb Michigan Library branches the other day printing off some information on the Internet.  On my way  to placing money in the machine to retrieve my copies, I noticed a sign that totally blew me away!  Turns out effective September 6th 2012, individuals residing in this county will have to pay $1.95 per day to utilize the Internet service or, pay a yearly fee of $50.00.

Now let’s think about this people.  The majority of the people that use the public library Internet system can not afford Internet access at home.  I’m okay with charging for Internet copies however, charging people barely making it in this tough economy to utilize the Internet is what I have a problem with. This in my opinion people is so unfair. 




4 Responses to “How are Poor People Suppose to Make it?”

  1. catnipoflife Says:

    Unfortunately, today’s economy has impacted everyone, not just those who are poor and in need. If money is needed for the library, surely there are other means by which additional expenses could be covered. While this may seem like a meager fee to some, for those in poverty it is definitely not.

    I must also cast an unfair vote!

  2. Cherrye Vasquez Says:

    I’m on your side. Nowadays, people can get hand-me-down computers almost anywhere. If so, they may as well use the $50 a month toward Internet connection. Better yet, they can purchase a small computer from Dell and pay monthly installments. If they have school aged children they can get Internet Essentials (affordable Internet service) via Comcast. Comcast provides this discount for low-income families for $9.95.
    Some people just need help getting contacts.

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