Young Adults on the Topic of Dealing With Overwhelming Secrets

How is everyone on this super Sunday?  Yes it’s a hot one in the Detroit region today.  Even as I write this blog it is still in the high 80’s close to 9pm. Wow! Despite the fact that I am suppose to be on summer break, I am prepping myself to attend a lesson plan workshop at my school in the morning. The work of an educator, priceless!  

Last Wednesday made the second week of my socialization skills program at the Detroit Impact. Our session for the week was how to handle overwhelming secrets. 

The first thing we did as a group was determine the difference between appropriate and inappropriate secrets.  We discussed various scenarios such as abuse, homelessness, and not being able to read. The young adults were asked what they would do if they had friends who asked them to keep the situations listed above a secret.  Some said they would definitely not keep any abuse a secret.  Others mentioned that they would keep the homelessness factor under the table. A few mentioned that they would simply assist and tutor their illiterate friends with reading without ever letting it get out to anyone else.

As I mentioned last week, this 2012 group is dedicated to addressing real life issues and solving them correctly. This weeks session will be based upon handling disappointments in life.  Looking forward to sharing with everyone how it goes.


2 Responses to “Young Adults on the Topic of Dealing With Overwhelming Secrets”

  1. Sandra McLeod Humphrey Says:

    That’s an important distinction–appropriate versus inappropriate secrets–during my school visits, one student shared how hard it had been to tell her parents about her sister’s bulemia because she had promised her sister to keep her “secret.” Great post!!

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