Why does all the fun stuff have to end so soon?

While participating  in a professional developement session this morning, a sudden thought entered my mind.  I started tutoring the week of June 25th.  Today is July 23rd and tutoring comes to a screeching holt July 26th.  I am really going to miss the youngsters I had a chance to teach over these past four weeks.   I truly hope that I made a difference with the time allotment provided.  More importantly, I truly enjoyed learning how to adapt to the way these youngsters learned best.

Well, there is a few more weeks left to this terrific yet busy summer of mines.   Really looking forward to what happens at the Detroit Impact Center this Wednesday.



6 Responses to “Why does all the fun stuff have to end so soon?”

  1. linneann Says:

    I’m sure you planted a seed and a memory in each child. 🙂

  2. Adra Young/Ardannyl Says:

    I totally understand you. I just read your poem titled, “Revealing” good stuff lady. 🙂

  3. Deirdre Tolhurst Says:

    I guess so we don’t get spoiled! We have to have the not so fun days to remember the good ones. I’ll bet you made lasting memories nonetheless!

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