When the going get tough the tough get going!

ImageHello everyone.  It’s your favorite tween and teens author wishing everyone a Happy Hump day.  On May 1st, I along with other teachers from our school took our students on a field trip. Concerned about the pain I was having in my left foot, I decided to take myself to the emergency room at the end of the school day.  Shockingly, the results indicated that I had a fracture in my left foot. Two days later after seeing a podiatrist, I was informed that I had two small inflamed bones in my left foot and not a fracture.  Doing my best to see the brighter side of every situation, I am thankful that I there are no broken bones in my foot. 

The first few days of not being able to be on my feet sort of made me sad. It didn’t take long before an epiphany struck.  I simply started completing the task that didn’t require me standing on my feet. For some people this is easier said than done.  Especially individuals such as myself who are  labeled as “High Energy Folk”.   In addition, I am now trying to finish several books that I started reading several months ago.


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