Detroit Artist make the world go round!

Hello everyone.   It’s your favorite tween and teens author wishing everyone a terrific day.   Today my school held its annual career day. Many individuals with various backgrounds attended.  From doctors, to well-known Prosecuting Attorney Kim Worthy, our students were exposed to many talented individuals willing to speak with them about all the amazing choices they have in life.

Nothing stood out more than the Detroit artist that attended and volunteered their time.  A shout out to the Focus One Entertainment Team (Lenderick Jones, Patrick Jones,and Melody), Marshalle Montgomery of  the Trinity Film coalition, Make-Up Artist  & Author Sandra Epps, Creator of Motown Writers Network (Sylvia Hubbard) and Community Activist & Author Shaka Senghor.  You guys rock and the children most certainly enjoyed you.


2 Responses to “Detroit Artist make the world go round!”

  1. Melody Lyrics Says:

    Thank you so much!! It was truly an honor to be there to speak with such bright and amazing young minds!!! They all receive major F1 ❤ from FocusOne Entertainment!!

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