Sugar and learning don’t mix!

Greetings everyone.  It’s your favorite educator and tweens author wishing all students and instructors a safe winter break.  This morning I made a huge mistake.  Normally, I never allow my students to have anything containing  high incidences of sugar for breakfast.  Rushing and  trying to get the school day started, I allowed the students to eat  a very popular treat containing nine grams of sugar per serving.   Believe  me when I tell you that my morning was challenging.

Even as veteran teacher of over 16 years, it took me quite sometime to get my class calm, and acclimated  for learning today.  I had to repeat simple questions over and over.   Having challenges with focusing and remaining on task, my babies went from being very hyper to sluggish  within a 60 minute time frame.  They experienced the side effects of  a sugar rush which unfortunatley made them all crash.   Believe me everyone when I say that  I learned my lesson the hard way. 



2 Responses to “Sugar and learning don’t mix!”

  1. African Bloggers Community Says:

    Sugar and learning don’t mix for sure especially for young kids. I know that most parents are not aware of this but we always learn the hard way.
    Sending you love from our newly launched AFRICAN BLOGGERS COMMUNITY (also for non-Africans). We hope that positive minded people like you will join us. See you there.

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