How quickly the cough drops vanished.

Hello everyone.  It’s your favorite educator and tweens author reaching out to everyone this wonderful day.  Isn’t it funny no matter how things change the more they seem to stay the same.  Once again I have been fooled the mindset of a tween.

 Having a frequent cough due to the weather, I purchased honey lemon  cough drops.   Picking my young ladies up from lunch yesterday, I asked the young ladies to help themselves to a cough drop if needed.  To my surprise, all of these imaginary coughs started taking place and every tween girl claim to have a sore throat.   Within 10 minute time frame.  The cough drop bag was totally depleted.   Oh well, I guess I set myself up for that one.  To educators residing within the south-east region of  Michigan, hang in there.  Christmas vacation is on the way.


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