When youngsters act out it’s usually due to an personal unexpected occurrence


Hello everyone.  I hope that everyone is having a spectacular Sunday.  The weekend is just about over for us all.

Last Friday on my way to lunch, several of the young ladies that I teach in the afternoon said hello.  During the interim of me speaking back, one of the young ladies said, “Ms Young, I’m going to be bad in your class today.”  Taking it as a sign of disrespect,  my immediate response was that I was going to send her to the office in the event that she did.

After lunch, I picked my all female class up from the cafeteria and escorted them to class.   While preparing my students for the spelling and reading assessments for the afternoon, this  same student followed through on her statement.  She acted out and  I had to implement some consequences.

Towards the end of the day, she finally admitted to me what was going on with her.  Turns out this poor baby and her family were victims of a house fire that resulted to her entire family loosing everything.  The fire had taken place on Thursday which resulted to this young lady bringing all of her stress with her to school on Friday. Thank God no one was injured.

After she explain to me what had taken place, I gave her a hug.   Reassuring her that I would report the incidence to the school counselor, I explained to her the importance of  appropriately expressing concerns verses acting out.  After our discussion, this young lady left school that Friday knowing that she could rely, and talk to me about unexpected occurrences verses acting out negatively in the future.

Sometimes, kids don’t know how to address these specific kind of issues with their teachers.   Due to not knowing how to  express what’s going on appropriately, it comes out negatively.  Educators, be sure to let your students know in  the beginning of  the school year that they can talk to you about unfortunate occurrences so you will not have  to go through what I went through on last Friday.

Assuring your kids from the get go may not eliminate all cases of students acting out due to tragic occurrences but, it most definitely will make your job easier as  a teacher in the 21st. century.




2 Responses to “When youngsters act out it’s usually due to an personal unexpected occurrence”

  1. Raymond Hopson Says:

    When a student warns you in advance that they are going to act out they are really showing you a sign of respect. They want you to know this is not how I would normally choose to act in your class especially, but I’m really troubled and I’m at my limit, please help. We, who are blessed and fortunate, need to provide instant release for that child and reassurance that things will change fast. It is a honor to be in a position to provide assistance to someone who will remember it for the rest of their life. I’ve had a few moments like that myself over the years and I treasure the fact that I personally gained more by helping. Great job. You are a fantastic person.


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