Count Day Russell Simmons Style!

Hello everyone.  I hope that everyone’s weekend is off to a great start.   Looks like Michigan has been hit with a bit of Indian Summer.  Close to about 80 degrees here today, I’m not complaining at all.  It’s absolutely beautiful today.

One of the most important days for any school district is count day.  Revenues are provided to individual schools based upon each student present only on this day. This is why a huge emphasis is put on students attending school on count day.  Desiring all of my students to come to class this day, I came up with a very creative idea.

Although individual school districts provide incentives  for students that attend school on count day, I decided to add an additional benefit.   Since all  students that attend my school  were able to were jeans this day,  I offered to purchase a bag of chips for my entire all males  sixth-grade  home room  if  we had a 100% attendance rating, and if every gentlemen would  wear a tie.   The good news is that all of my boys showed looking like little Russell Simmons miniature’s in their jeans and ties.  They were happy about getting those chips.  I for one  had eaten entirely too many.


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