What a great first day of school Detroit Public Schools is Going Green!

Hello everyone, today was the start of another exciting school year.  At approximately seven-thirty this morning, twenty tween males entered my classroom excited and eager to learn.  Well organized with their school supplies at hand, we briefly discussed the classroom expectations, and what they desire to accomplish as sixth-grade English Language Arts students.

 The school I currently teach at has been identified as a “Green School” representing  Detroit Public Schools.  Unaware of what a “Green School” is, I  explain to my students exactly what it meant and some of the great changes that would take place within our class and or our school’s campus.  After discussing some the components that tie into a “Green School” such as recycling and tree preservation, I retrieved a list of everyone’s e-mail addresses. Curious to know as to why I asked for them, I explained to my pupils that from this day forward, I would be e-mailing their homework assignments and  imperative school information. They are excited about the change and so am I.


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