Back to the class room on Monday everyone!


Hello everyone.  I hope that everybody is having an outstanding Friday.  Isn’t it funny how fast the Summer months fly by?  As of  Monday August 29th, I’ll be checking back into my class room. 

As I reflect on this Summer break, I can honestly say that I was afforded awesome opportunities to both mentor Detroit’s youth, and promote my book series.   The cover for my third book titled The Misfits, is in the process of being created.  I am really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.  

Attending various networking seminars and social events,  I had the opportunity to  meet some new interesting people.  I spent a lot of time with my friends and had the opportunity to visit my family.  The Summer of 2011 has been great to me.

Effective September 6th 2011,  I will be formally introduced to my sixth grade classes.  As an ELA instructor I will instruct all  males in the morning and females in the afternoon.  I will post a status update informing every one of my first day of school with my youngsters.   To all the teachers going back to work, I wish you a successful school year.


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