It’s so hard to say goodbye.

Hello everyone.  It’s Adra Young your favorite tweens, and teens author wishing everyone a fantastic Thursday.  Yesterday was a very difficult day for me.   After six weeks of working with some of the most amazing kids in Detroit, my socialization skills program came to an end for the summer of 2011.

Each week we usually cover a social dynamic barrier and address it. Due to it being the last session of the summer, the agenda was changed for the day.  My special invited guest, and business partner authoress Tracie E. Christian  conducted her highly recommended workshop titled, “Say It Loud I’m Black College Proud.”  The youngsters absolutely enjoyed  and welcomed the knowledge being provided.

After the workshop we ended the six-week socialization skills program with our unity circle and said our goodbyes.   I will never forget this group of youngsters I served this summer.  They are going to do amazing things in their lives now as well as in the future.


2 Responses to “It’s so hard to say goodbye.”

  1. loiswstern Says:

    Sounds like quite
    a wonderful project – something these kids will remember far longer that their math and science formulas! I don’t blame you for feeling the blues!

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