Teens and Young Adults Address Both Disappointments in Life and Happy Moments

Hello everyone.  Is it just me or has the summer passed us all by too entirely fast.  This week at the Detroit Impact Center, I had the opportunity to talk to my young people  about how they deal with disappointing situations in their life.  Several of the scenarios came directly from my first book  The Everyday Living of  Children  and Teens Monologues.

Turns out my group of youngsters had a major disappointing factor in common.  Over seventy-five percent of the  group had belongings that were stolen from them.   These items were just not regular material things or objects.   Most of the items were passed on by loved ones who were deceased.  I asked the group how they dealt with items of sentimental value being taken from them.  One student stated that they were aware of who had stolen their belongings and simply refuse to have anymore dealings with that person.   Another student stated that they had addressed the matter in a confrontational way.  Lastly, one of my pupils indicated that the best way to get over a disappointing occurrence was to simply let it go and move on.  Being their age once upon a time in my life, I could honestly relate to every response provided.

Our next topic of conversation was based upon Happy Moments.  As everyone may know by now, I am the proud new aunt of identical  twin nephews.  I explained to my group that the birth of the twins and  working with them every Wednesday were two of my happier moments of the summer.     Some of  the happier moments in life for my students were spending time with their smaller siblings.  One of my female youngsters said one of the happiest days of her life was seeing her father after four years.  My favorite response came from one of my male students.  He said the happiest day of his life was seeing his little girl being born two months ago.


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