I Promised to Keep Everyone Posted With the 2011 Socialization Skills Program at the Detroit Impact Center

Greetings everyone,

For the record, I would like everyone to know that my first session with my young adults at the Detroit Impact Center was July 13th.  That session consisted of six young ladies and our topic of conversation was simply coping with abandonment issues.  Let me just say that this session resulted to the young ladies releasing a lot of emotional baggage.  By the end of this session, everyone felt a sense of relief.  There was more information that I wanted to provide indepth however, due to being tired, I touched the wrong button on this word press site which resulted to me deleting the entire blog on session one. 

Our most recent session took place on August 3, 2011.  To my surprise, two young men had joined our group of six young ladies.   Our social dynamic for this week pertained to coping with grief.  Once again, I am happy to announce that the young men partook in the dialogue.  Each young adult shared their own personal experiences in relation to dealing with grief.  Unfortunately, everyone had lost a loved one in either a violent situation or tragic incident.  

We talked about some appropriate ways of dealing with grief.  One student mentioned that she danced her sadness away. One of my male students confidently stated that acceptance help him get passed the pain of losing his brother and knowing now that he’s in a better place due to drowning.  By the end of this session, what every student seemed to agree on was that grieving is okay and normal for anyone just as long as it does not become too excessive.


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