My All Male Sixth Grade Class Today At the Toledo Zoo

Hello Everyone.  Adra Young here again.  As we all know, we are getting close to the end of the school year.  Around this time, schools offer fun and exciting things for students to participate in.   Today I along with my all male sixth grade class had the opportunity to attend the Toledo zoo in Toledo, Ohio. 

Rushing as I usually do, I forgot my snacks for the trip.  As my boys sat down and ate their lunch today they noticed, I did not have anything to eat. Oh how my boys took great care of me.  They gave me cookies, chips, and one amazing deli style turkey sandwich.  Afterwards, we begin our tour  of the zoo.

Despite the limited time restraint we were on, we saw many beautiful animals and creatures.  I let the boys lead the way as they guided me to penguins, polar bears, and sleeping tigers.   They had the opportunity to take pictures of seals, and one beautiful multicolored crocodile.  I think I might have upset them once I stated how the crocodile would make one beautiful purse and a  gorgeous pair of sandals for me. The boys gave me one disgruntled look which resulted to me laughing to the point of me holding my stomach. 

Laughter did not stop at this point.  I guess it’s mating season because my boys also got a chance to see the monkey’s and turtles having intercourse.  Once they got pass the point of shock from witnessing these occurrences, I treated everyone to an ice-cream cone.  I really appreciated the fact that they fed me a great lunch today. By the time we ate our ice-cream, our time at being at the zoo was coming to an end.  We got a chance to see the elephant and headed back to the bus. 

My boys indicated that they had a ball.   Some of them had indicated that this was thier first time ever attending a zoo. Today was a memorable occasion not just for my boys, but for me as well.


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