My Mother’s Day Gift

Hello Everyone.  I know you are probably thinking, where has your favorite educator, tweens, and teens author been lately?  My response is simply, I’ve been very busy.  I hope that all the mom’s had one great Mothers Day.  I had a great Mothers Day even the despite the fact that I am not biologically a mom as of yet.

On Friday, two days before Mothers Day, I got two amazing surprises from two of my students.  The first surprise was given to me directly after we completed our spelling test.  One of my young ladies gave me the prettiest paper carnation flower that had the scent of a very sweet fragrance. She had made it in art class.  As she approached me with it, I asked her who was it was for? This student simply said it was for me and that I was her mother too.  Instantly, I felt the tears feeling up in my eyes. Immediately I turned to face the opposite direction of my class so that my students could not see me crying.  I was use to receiving birthday and cards for the holidays.  I had never received a mother’s day gift before.

The second surprise came from a rather rebellious kid who had finally come to the realization that in order for her to succeed in my class would take team effort, work and cooperation from the both of us.   After picking my students up from lunch this day, she looked at me and said, “Miss Young, you’re my mom you know that!”  I tell you when she said it, I almost passed out on the cafeteria floor due to being in shock.

After school had let out that day, I had come to one very important realization. The students even the ones that we least expect appreciate the efforts that we as teachers provide to ensure educational success. They appreciate the love, compassion, and the concern that we have for their well-being as little people simply trying to find their own way.


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