Keep Your Hands To Yourself

Hello everyone,  it’s Adra Young your favorite Tween and Teen author.  Today I want to talk to you about the importance of students keeping their hands to theirselves.  Often, not only do I catch my all male class passing licks from time to time, I’ve witnessed my all female class doing the same thing as well. 

Just last week I  instructed two of my males students to not touch one another.  The response from one of my male students was, “Ms Young, were boys, what do you expect? Boys are rough.”  As I processed what this young man had said, I understood exactly what he meant by his statement.  Young  men do like to play rough.   Which brings me back to my reason for writing this blog.  Often students start off rough housing and in the beginning, it’s fun.  Suddenly, the fun turns into one hostile and  unfortunately a situation where individuals end up hurt.  Friends who started off just playing are no longer friends anymore due to taking the rough house playing to the next level.

Currently there are two young ladies who use to be relatively close friends in my all female sixth grade class.  On several occasions, I had warned the two about  keeping their hands to themselves.  Their response to me was that this is how they played with one another.  Having to deal with the fact that my all males class hit each other for the fun of it, I especially expressed my bias on how I really felt about  young ladies passing hits. Just last week, the situation got totally out of hand and both your ladies were expelled from school.  Their friendship, is now officially a part of the past.

My words of advice to youngsters is simply just don’t do it.  Real friends in my opinion do not need to ever get physical.  Young ladies should find creative ways to play with one another and so should young men. Our youth today  apparently have not been taught how to play with one another correctly.

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