Did I Give Birth To This Kid! Signs Of A Child Going Through The “In Between Phase.”

Hello everyone.  It’s your favorite Tween and Teen Author Adra Young once again sharing knowledge about kids ranging from the ages of eleven through thirteen.  Yes people, I am referring to the dreaded “In Between Phase” that every child goes through.  Unfortunately, during this process, parents experience or endure the  following from their youngsters;  A whole lot of “Back Talk”, Major attitudes, A sudden or drastic change between you and your child’s relationship.

If you can answer yes to two or more of  indicators listed below, and you are asking yourself what happened to my beautiful sweet son or daughter,  the answer is simply the “In Between Phase.”  Parents I am encouraging you to not get bent out  of shape, or worry about where you went wrong.   Believe it or not, the “In Between Phase” is one of the most difficult transistions a youngster can make. There are many changes at this time that take place during this spurt in a child’s life.  A very major one just so happens to be puberty.  Their bodies are changing and growing. Most likely there is also an increase in their eating and sleeping habits.  More importantly their brains are also changing as well.   

During this phase I encourage my parents to do the followng; Remain firm but fair,  Monitor your child’s attitude towards school thier school,  Watch for a decline in your child’s grades. Do not take the “In Between Phase” personally.  Parents I can assure you that this phase does not last forever. Hang in there.  It does get better.

Adra Young

Author of: The Everyday Living of  Children & Teens Monologue Series

Be on the look out for  my third book The Misfits is coming in 2011


One Response to “Did I Give Birth To This Kid! Signs Of A Child Going Through The “In Between Phase.””

  1. Nikkii Brown-Harris Says:

    I have a daughter who just turned 14. It is true that it is a “In Between Phase”. I kept calling her weird, but I had to think about when I was her age and it was a trying time. My skin was horrible and the weight began to be a problem. My daughter has a problem with her insulin level and it causes a darkness on her neck and in folds of her body like exzema. The kids talked about her saying her neck was dirty and it hurt her feelings most of the time but I tried to talk to her as much as possible to reassure her that she still beautiful not matter what. She has been bothered with acne since she was 8 years old. She is much better now. She seems more confident about herself. She is learning not to let what people say or think about her matter. So be patient with the in betweens they really have it hard.

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