Tween Adult Males Share Their Tips On How To Solve School Bullying.

Greetings everyone. I’m back once again to share a conversation I had with two male adult tweens at my school here in Detroit.  The three of us at lunch time today  talked about the cold weather and the issue with bullying in today’s schools.  Although both of the young men were both victims at one time or another, they both agreed upon several things. 

The first  thing they agreed upon was that they felt safe in their home room classroom. Unfortunately they both felt that  their chances or risk of being placed  in a situation  to be bullied  took place during lunch time in the lunch room or in the auditorium.  The reasoning for their response dealt with the fact that  lunch time provides the opportunity  at most schools for all the students from various classes to blend.  I instantly had a “Aha Moment” when both males indicated that they were bullied by other students who were not in their home room classes. 

I asked the two young men to provide tips on what schools should do to eliminate bullying.  Surprisingly, I got some very creative responses.  One young man suggested that all of the school bullies be placed in the same classes together and should also be dismissed from school fifteen minutes after the rest  of student body daily.  His reasoning dealt with assuring that student body gets home safely without  having to deal with the hassle of being harassed on the way home.  The second suggestion provided from my other male student was that all administrators  go through the files of incoming students to ensure they have no record or history of being trouble makers.  His reasoning behind his tip was to ensure that  decent schools that have low incidence of bullying  and violent cases don’t become dumping grounds for students with behavior issues.

In a perfect world both of their tips would’ve been great but unfortunately this is not how the real world of education operates.  Perhaps the two of these young men may just grow up accepting roles as political figures that will allow them be involved in educational reform as it relates to bullying.

Adra Young

Author of: The Everyday Living of Children & Teens Monologue Series

The Misfits coming in November of  20111.


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