Bullying And It’s Impact On Today’s Youth

Hello everyone. I know it’s been a minute however Happy New Year  and Valentines day in advance!  Promoting my book series at the Detroit Historical Museum this past Saturday, I asked one of  the following young ladies parents to provide contact information.   Always looking for feedback from my readers and fans, I explained to her that I was currently working on my third book titled “The MisFits”, which is  my very first fictional book.

Curious to know more about it, I explained to the young  ladies parent that this book would be based upon youngsters who did not fit in and as a result of not fitting in became victims of bullying.   Sadly the young ladies mom stated to me that her daughter was also a victim.  Thankfully, the young lady had the courage to tell her mom. Her mother took the right steps and reported the occurrences to the school administration.

The question I present is this, what about today’s youth who suffers from bullying on the regular basis but  unfortunately has no one to turn to?  These are the kids who are teased and tormented daily.    Sadly as a result of this, the level and rates of today’s youth killing themselves are at and all time high.

There are so many simple things and steps that individuals can take and assist with this growing epidemic.  For example in the beginning of the school year, I informed my class that our learning environment was a “Bully Free Zone” and explained in details what that meant.  In addition, I informed all of my students that they are entitled to an education and have the right to attend school without being afraid.  Lets all make a conscious effort to take a stand against bullying.


Adra Young

Author of: The Everyday Living of Children & Teens Monologues Series


“The Misfits” coming in November 2011


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