How today’s youth deals with being labled outcast and not fitting in?

Greetings everyone.  This weeks topic of discussion or, social dynamic was based upon young people not fitting in.  As a group we read various monologues from my book series that were  related to the topic.  Conducting a round robin, I decided to personally asked each one of my young adults how they felt about individuals who simply never seemed to fit in? 

Most of the young adults stated that they felt compassion for these individuals.  In fact, many of the young adults in my group found it to be cruel  that  youngsters labeled other youngsters simply because  they did not fit in due to their appearance, or personality.   One response that stood out came directly from one of my young males.  He stated that an associate of his that attended school with him wanted to fit in so bad with this popular group that he actually had his barber cut the name of this group in his head.  

As the session continue, some of my students even admitted to the fact that they were also labeled as outcast. Curious as to how they handled being labeled and not fitting in, I asked how it made them feel. Some of youngsters stated that it made them feel very lonely and due to feeling this way it made them shut down even more. Several students mentioned that they handled the situation violently due to being fed up with being made fun off. Others mentioned that they did not care and they handled the situation by simply going on with their everyday lives.  Towards the end of the session, the one thing most of us agreed on was that everyone deserved to be treated fairly with dignity and respect. 

 As we all know the summer is coming to an end.  Unfortunately, this  means that my Socialization Skills program for the summer has come to an end.  The six weeks went by so fast. To tell you the truth, I ‘m still trying to figure out where all the time went.    Believe me when I say that yesterday was not an easy day for me.  Although the time allotment was only six weeks, we bonded and learned so much from one another. At the end yesterdays session we said our good byes and bided each other farewell.

To everyone that has followed me on this journey to understand our young adults better, I  thank you.  I look forward  to letting you all know how the socialization skills program goes in the Fall of 2010. 


Adra Young

Author of: The Everyday Living of Children & Teens Monologues Series

Socialization Skill Curriculum Provider for the Detroit Impact Center


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