How Today’s Youth Deals With Disappointments In Life?

Hello everyone.  Today makes the fifth week working with my young adults at the Detroit Impact Center in Detroit, Michigan.  As I mentioned in my blog last week, the social dynamic or topic of discussion for the week pertained to dealing  with disappointments in life.   As we dialogue about the topic, it  was discovered that many of the disappointments they encountered took place in their earlier years. 

Most of my young ladies  mentioned that priceless items were taken by individuals they would’ve never expected.  For example, one young lady mentioned that her cabbage patch doll was stolen from someone very close to her and since that incident, they have yet to speak to one another.  Some of my male students stated that  individuals had taken items from them such as name brand clothes and shoes.  Sadly even someone’s dog was taken.   The question that I posed today was how did they get passed these specific type of disappointments?  Many of them responded simply by saying time heals.

Towards the end of the session today we discussed how young women and men deal with disappointments in life when it comes to a relationship going sour.  My young men basically stated that they would quickly move on without thinking about it.  My young ladies stated they would go into the next situation proceeding with caution.   Some of my female students took offense to most of the male responses and decided to initiate a debate. 

By the end of the session,  some of my young men modified their responses.    One opinion that stood out with the entire group today stated by one of male students was that it  simply depended on how that young man felt or viewed that young lady at that time.  In  other words, if  he  was just seeing her until something better came along it would not cause disappointment, on the other hand if he  invested some time with this young lady and the relationship discontinued than it  would have an effect on him.

This debate on relationships took up most of our time day however, we  all agreed that the best way to get past disappointments in life were to simply stay and remain focussed on doing positive things.  The next topic or social dynamic for next week is titled  “Kids that our Labelled Out Cast.”   Until then, I will keep you posted on the outcome.

Adra Young

Socialization Skills Curriculum Provider for the Detroit Impact Center

Author of:   The Everyday Living of Children &  Teens Monologues Series


2 Responses to “How Today’s Youth Deals With Disappointments In Life?”

  1. Sylvia Hubbard Says:

    I think as we become adults we forget about those little disappointments we suffered as children.

    When someone broke into my house and robbed me I was not as affected as we I found out my cousin had taken some DVDs from my house at a family gathering that happened three weeks later.

    It really hurt to know someone close to me would let themselves be warmly invited into my house and TAKE something that does not belong to them.

    Such is life some people want to say, but it shouldn’t be.

    Good post Adra!

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