Learning From Today’s Youth

Honored with the opportunity to mentor of group of young adults at the Detroit Impact Center, I had no idea how much they would teach me.  This week I along with a group of very intellectual males and females had the opportunity to discuss abandonment issues. People you would be surprised to know how much courage and strength our youth posses today. 

As I taught the class, I had come to find out that the majority of my group had endured  or had encountered some sort of abandonment issue.  Yet, they refused to let it defeat them.   Everyone came in smiling and willing to give me a chance to teach them.  We had a ball.  And to tell you the truth, I can’t wait to next week.

Did I also fail to mention that the young adult males took just as much interest in my books as the young ladies!  I left last Wednesday feeling so good about what I was doing.  Next week, were going to address dealing with inappropriate secrets.  I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Adra Young

Author of: The Everyday Living of Children & Teens Monologues Series


2 Responses to “Learning From Today’s Youth”

  1. Sylvia Hubbard Says:

    When we teach younger people we always will learn more than them.

    I believe this is the true circle of life that we need to acknowledge and relish in.

    My mother always use to say Life is always good from others eyes and our youth tend to still see the stuff that we’ve forgotten about.

  2. adraly Says:

    Authoress Sylvia Hubbard, you response is so true to life and very real!

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