A great way to reduce the hyperactivity with an all preteen male class.

Teaching for almost 15 years, one thing has always remained consistent, my young preteen males or “tweens” have always exhibited a lot of energy.  From them having difficulties to sitting  in a chair to not being able to sit in a chair at all, hyperactivity within this age range from my boys have been ongoing. Observing their behavior and learning patterns, I discovered something very significant about every Tuesday.

Every Tuesday, they have physical education at 9:00am.  Picking them up from gym, I noticed that  they were calm, settled, and ready to proceed with their daily school work  and routine.  The constant body movements and the inability to not sit still in a chair was diminshed. And before lunchtime, they seemed to be much happier. You better believe as their teacher that I was happy just as well. 

Today, I partnered up with another all males class room.  For approximately 25 minutes, we allowed the boys to have a race relay against each other. They had a ball but more importantly, once again they returned to the classroom , calm, and ready to complete their required assignments.

Teachers, If you have an all males class and would like to see a positive shift within their attention spans, I encourage you to try a little bit of excercise and fresh air. It’s free, fun, and as and educator it may assist with making your day little bit more brighter as well.


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